08/08/16 – Hank for President


Hank for President

It seems like all the media attention at Philadelphia with to Hillary and Bernie and my friend Hank was completely overlooked by the media, as well as the delegates to the convention.  So it looks like Hank will have to run as a write-in candidate.

Since both the Democratic and Republican nominees has high disapproval rates, I can say that as long as I have known Hank; no one disapproves of him.  And as for being a “deal maker”, I don’t personally know anyone who is better at making a deal.

Wk 33 Hank 4  Wk 33 Hank 1


Honor Thy Temple

Last post I mentioned I was going to be lifting in the 82.5 Kg. (181.7 lbs.) category, if I could get my weight down.  This was a challenge, since I had always lifted in the 90 Kg. (198.2 lbs.) category.  Well, somehow I did it.


This was my last contest in the 65 to 69 age group, as I will be turning 70 soon.

Oct 2016

You may be interested to know there was a 76 year-old bench presser in the contest and a 73 year-old deadlifter. 

I hope you folks are giving some thought to what kind of physical shape you will be in when you are in your 70s.  I don’t think it is ever to late to start getting healthy.


The Foundation for Being Extraordinary

Wk 33 Internet and moving on


Getting Along with Others

Wk 33 Interpretive dance


Growth Keeps You Extraordinary

Over and over I have mentioned the importance of goal setting.

Wk 33 Goal setting


The Odds & Ends of Being Extraordinary

There are way too many women out there raising children without a husband.    Some of this is of course due to unfortunate circumstances, but a lot of this is due to women making bad decisions, like:

Wk 33 Gated Community

How often have you heard the phrase nice guys finish last, and this phrase is never more true than in the area of romance.



By Bram Stoker

Illustrated by Matt Pagett

I just cannot get enough of  graphic novels.  I think they are terrific.  Why not give one of them that I have mentioned over the last three weeks a try.  The are a great way to introduce young people to some classic literature.

Wk 33 Bram Stroker's Dracula


 Star Trek: The Next Generation

I just finished re-watching all seven seasons of Star Trek: TNG and it remains my favorite Star Trek series.  If you never seen it, consider checking it out.

Wk 33 Star_Trek_The_Next_Generation_365_cover

LAST WEEK’S POLL – Have You Ever

Question Marks

Regarding this blog:

40% – have voted in one of the polls

20% – have made a comment to a post

17% – passed on a joke they saw on this blog

12% – passed this blog on to someone else

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Here are the results to this same poll a year ago:

53% – have voted in one of the polls

19% – have made a comment to a post

15% – passed on a joke they saw on this blog

6% – bought or read a book because it was recommended in this blog

3% – watched a movie because it was recommended in this blog

3% – passed this blog on to someone else

THIS WEEK POLL – Your Level of Fitness

Wk 33 fitness-clip-art-fitness-clip-art-1


I could see where one may think this song disrespectful to women, but in some ways it is very respectful since it encourages guys to look deeper than simply outward appearances.

If You Wanna Be Happy For the Rest of Your Life

by Jimmy Soul


Living Art – A Bonsai Pear Tree

at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Wk 33 Pear Tree 2 IMG_3065  Wk 33 Pear tree 1 MG_3064 copy

Note the pears from this tiny living pear tree.


You ever have someone make such a difference in your life, such a person is extraordinary.  

When I was little, this guy was the “Fonz” of our neighborhood, except like the “Fonz”, he was for real.

As time went on, we became the best of friends and I owe much of whatever I am today to his efforts.  And of course one of the things he got me into was lifting weights at the gym and going to powerlifting contests.

Tony (aka Freddy) Mangino


I’ve never gone to a powerlifting contest, without giving a moment to my buddy.

Fred's Marker


Wk 33 Frayed knot


Thanks to Ron, Samantha, Tania & Kathy for commenting on last week’s post. I urge you to let me know what you are thinking via a blog comment.

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My Final Cover




10 thoughts on “08/08/16 – Hank for President

  1. What a fun and clever blog you have Bill, bringing useful tidbits to our attention. I liked this week’s frayed knot joke best 😄 Sounds like you do some interesting travel too.


    • Thank you very much Amy for the encouragement to keep this blog going. I was wondering how that “frayed knot” joke would go over, so thank you also for the feedback. Bill


  2. Agree that it’s never too late to work on the body. Like many, I feel like a peeled apple…my core may be there but it’s been neglected for so long, it’s hard to make an impact. Buried under the other pieces of the apple.


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