05/16/21 – Do The Best You Can



The Body  Book

By Cameron Diaz

This book came out in 2014, but I think what it says is still very valid and I believe it could inspire you to try to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

Grounded in science and informed by real life, The Body Bookoffers a comprehensive overview of the human body and mind, from the cellular level up. From demystifying and debunking the hype around food groups to explaining the value of vitamins and minerals, readers will discover why it’s so important to embrace the instinct of hunger and to satisfy it with whole, nutrient-dense foods. Cameron also explains the essential role of movement, the importance of muscle and bone strength and why we need to sweat a little every day. (Source: GoodReads)


I just watched this movie again while on the treadmill and I still enjoy watching it every so often. A few years ago, I watched part of it in an auditorium inside the actual Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, where this movie was filmed.

Somewhere In Time


The following clip is 15 minutes long, so please don’t bother watching unless you are really into this film. Also, there may be two very short commercial interruptions. Since I have mentioned this film several times over the years, rather than simply show you the trailer again, I wanted to do something a bit different. If you like this film, I think you will find this clip rewarding.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About

Somewhere in Time


Hey Baby

By Bruce Channel

Dancers: Nils and Bianca




Police Officers



Safety Tip for Older People

Just to be safe, you may want to have a bar installed in your shower.




Government Spending

It seems our political leaders are very generous, giving out money to many in the USA and to world. Where does this money come from? I have heard there were two ultimate sources: taxes (e.g., income, sales, etc.) and simply printing money which results in inflation, which is said to be a tax on the poor and those on a fixed income or living off their savings.



At one time, people believed that the heavens revolved around the earth. They believed the world was flat. Bleeding was an acceptable medical procedure. I could go on and on, but I think you will either get the point I am trying to make or you will not.



Do you prefer a state that allows you to make your own decisions or do you prefer to let the government decide what is best for you?
I think I know what is best for me  76.92%  (20 votes) 
I think the government knows what is best for me  23.08%  (6 votes) 
Total Votes: 26
Regarding the film “Talladega Nights – The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”:
I’ve seen the film and liked it  38.1%  (8 votes)  
I have not seen the film, nor do I wish to see it  38.1%  (8 votes) 
I have not seen the film, but I would like to see it  14.29%  (3 votes) 
I’ve seen the film and did not like it  9.51%  (2 votes) 
Total Votes: 21
Do you believe strength training is important for an active and healthy life in your later years?
Yes, extremely important  66.67%  (14 votes) 
Some, but not worth putting in too much effort  33.33%  (7 votes) 
No, not at all  0%  (0 votes) 
I’d rather just take a pill, injection or have my body parts replaced  0%  (0 votes) 
Total Votes: 21
Do you appreciate the tips World Famous Chef Ronaldo has been offering us over the last couple of months?
Yes, I can understand why he is world famous  70.59%  (12 votes) 
No, he isn’t even a real chef  29.41%  (5 votes) 
Total Votes: 17
Do you lift free weights?
Not now, but I used to lift free wights  44.44%  (8 votes) 
I lift little tiny weights  27.78%  (5 votes) 
Wow, weight are free–I’m in  11.11%  (2 votes) 
I lift heavy free weights  11.11%  (2 votes)  
No, I never have  5.56%  (1 votes)
Total Votes: 18
Have you ever been on a boat and waved to people on the shore or been on the shore and waved back to people on a boat?
Yes, I’ve done both  82.35%  (14 votes) 
I have done neither  11.76%  (2 votes) 
I have waved to people on shore from a boat  5.88%  (1 votes) 
I have been on shore and waved back to people on a boat  0%  (0 votes) 
Total Votes: 17
Have you ever said or did something in anger that you later regretted?
Yes  100%  (17 votes) 
No  0%  (0 votes) 
Total Votes: 17


If you have ever been curious about this book, the Kindle version of this book has now been reduced to $1.00 and the paperback version has been reduced to $10.00

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, 

only you can do that.

My Final Cover

This book can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.



10 thoughts on “05/16/21 – Do The Best You Can

    • What kind of person would suggest a book if they have not read it. To be honest, I don’t recall what she had to say about calcium, but I took a quick glance at the book and she mentions what she referred to as “surprising sources of calcium” and that it was a bone builder along with several other nutrients and various activities. All pretty much common knowledge for athletes and those with a strong interest in their own health. Just for the record, I have never suggested a book or a movie I have not read or seen. I’ve done a lot of things in 3/4 of a century and I am still doing a lot of things.


      • Oh, my apology. I didn’t mean it that way. I happen to read books that were recommended by friends who did not read them but find the same well worth the read. No kidding. Anyway, the only reason I asked that because I have read and watched stuff that are science-based but run counter to the myth of calcium. Sorry again for that first comment.


      • No problem Marisselle. I’m probably over sensitive. As for health, there are so many different views on everything related to health. I suspect that may be due to people being so different from one another and what works for one does nothing for another person. I’m guessing when it comes to health, one size does not fit all. Plus, add in the “pseudo effect” and you have things that are impossible to work, actually work. That tends to make me think one’s thoughts plays a key role in health. Thank you very much for commenting.


      • People tend to misunderstood my statement when I do not explain myself properly. Cameron Diaz is one of the very few Hollywood celebrities who embraced aging gracefully. She has a sensible head, too. I admire her for that. However, I am not a “health nut” and I eat whatever I like, most of which not healthy. Books of this genre do not interest me (because I am not a health nut, lol) and I asked so I do not need to read it. Lol! And yes, you are quite right that our own thoughts and convictions play a key role in everything we say or do. That is called diversity and that is what makes life not boring. Stay well and safe 🙏

        Liked by 1 person

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