Communicate – Listen to Others and Put Thought into Your Communications


A cat said, “Meow”

A second cat said, “Meow, Meow”

The first cat said, “Don’t change the subject”


Ordinary people often fall into one of two groups of poor communicators.  The first group say very little and if pushed give vague answers so as to offend no one.  The second group talks nonstop, but they say very little.  When these people do listen, it is to formulate their reply, rather than understand.

Whereas, extraordinary people listen to understand. They also pay close attention to what is not said, since there sometimes can be more meaning in what is not said, than what is said.  They never stay out of touch very long with friends and associates, yet they keep their words to a minimum.


The tongue has the power of life and death.

“Who are you hurting today?

Who are you bringing back to life?”

Source:  Stafford Whiteaker


Film Suggestion:  A Thousand Words

Distributed by Paramount and Dream Works Pictures

(After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McCall finds a Bodhi tree on his property.  Its appearance holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every word we speak.

Source:  IMDB

10 thoughts on “Communications

  1. I’m not a “blogger” but I can also move forward into my children’s world. Could not agree more…communication is key in all relationships and in moving any worthy project forward. Without it either/both fail.


  2. Bill, I enjoy the feeling I get when reading your work. It’s very uplifting and positive. Your commentary on the equal importance of what people actually SAY as much as what they DON’T say is so true. Thanks for bringing some old truths back to light. You are a very perceptive fella, and we enjoy your friendship! Best of luck in your newest venture. It’s hard keeping up with you, because you’re on to the next thing before we know it. The blog will be a much more immediate way of communicating your latest creative endeavors. We’ll be watching for more of your offerings. xoxo–The Stanleys


    • Thank you for the kind words Mary Ellen and yes this seems a much more immediate way of communicating. I think back to 1983, when I first sent out a a routing slip with a thought attached to it. Times have certainly changed from the methods we used for communicating; however, the messages we communicate are still more or less the same.


  3. I like the format..easy to read and visually much better than just a memo format. And yes, that does enhance the message…thanks for sharing…Sue


    • Sue, thank you very much for the feedback. I’m planning on doing a weekly posting, probably every Tuesday, since Monday is often a challenging day for many with a flood of emails coming in. So, I was thinking Tuesday may be a better day for many people, although I like the idea of starting the work week off with some thoughts and a joke as well as a movie suggestion for later in the week.


  4. Thanks Bill for being as always, the innovator and explorer of new paths. This is my first blog thanks to you. I commend you for continuing to keep people “thinking” and me on my toes technically.


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