We have a few weeks before Thanksgiving, but I thought you may find it interesting to see the various Thanksgiving Day films people like.  I listed a few, but if your favorite isn’t there, you can mention it in the comments.  It is easy to comment, just click on the line below the survey that says “November 17, 2014 – Leave A Comment – Edit



6 thoughts on “Celebrate

    • Pat, good to hear from you and I hope all is well. Thank you very much for the comment. My book was based on 30 years of thoughts for the week, plus the opportunity to observe and learn from extraordinary people like yourself.


  1. I voted for “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” but the movie that I really thought was hilarious was one titled “Just Friends”. It will be interesting to see what your survey reveals.

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  2. I know of a pastor (Joel Osteen in Houston, Texas) that believe people are trustworthy. I know this for a fact because went he came to the Detroit area he recruited volunteers to sell his books, I was one of them. He has published many books worth reading.
    Anyway, someone in his mega church congregation stole the Sunday offering which was probably a substantial amount of money. Although he trusted people, he was wise enough to know that not everyone is trustworthy. He has insurance on the church offerings.

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    • Stole the Sunday offerings! Stealing is never good, but to steal the Sunday offerings sounds really bad. I can only hope the person who did that really needed the money bad and put it to some good use.

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