02/23/15 Blog: Exercise

Folks, I know I covered this topic back on 12/8/14; but I just finished reading  Time magazine’s special Health double issue, February 23/March 2, 2015; felt compelled to cover Exercise again.  Although only a little over 25% of you stated in my last exercise poll that you did no formal exercise, I suspect a number of you who don’t exercise is higher or you truly are an extraordinary group. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that close to 80% of Americans 18 or older get less than 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each week or less than one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous exercise each week.

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A very elderly lady goes to a fitness center and asks if she can join an aerobic class.

The instructor says, “I’m not sure that is a good idea for you. How flexible are you?”

The elderly lady replies, “Very, except for Fridays.”


At the start of this week’s blog, I mentioned I had just finished reading Time magazine’s special Health double issue, February 23/March 2, 2015.  Here are a couple of items that caught my attention.

Starting at the age of 30, lung function begins dropping 1% a year and declines more in people who are sedentary.  The antidote is exercise.

At 35, bone mass tends to go downhill at the rate of 1% a year and faster after menopause.  Weight-bearing exercise can make a big difference.

At 40, we all start to lose muscle and gain fat.  Dr. Luigi Ferrucci, scientific director of the National Institute of Aging says, “You need to absolutely insert exercise activity in your routine if you want to avoid muscle decline.”

Just the above should be enough to provide an incentive to exercise, but there are so many more benefits that those listed above.

One common excuse of many people for not exercising is their lack of time; however, I suspect many of those same people may find an hour during their days for a little mindless TV watching and gossiping with friends.  Others come up with more noble excuses such as care of a love one; however, it is like the airlines say.  Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before trying to help others.  They say this because if you don’t help yourself, you will in time not be able to help others.

Be extraordinary and exercise for a long and active life.





Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise

will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

Source: Edward Stanley


My Final Cover


The 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People by David Niven, PhD; is a very easy read.  To me, the vast majority of ideas in the book are far from secrets and more just common sense.  Still, I think there are many good reminders in this book that if applied will help us stay healthy.  Oh, and did I mention it is an easy read 🙂

The 100 Simple secrets of Healthy People



Since the focus of this week’s blog is exercise, here is a very funny movie with some bike riding tossed in.

Breaking Away



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