01/04/16 – Seeing and Hearing



Last week, I witnessed a little girl giving her birthday money to an animal shelter.  I devoted an entire chapter of my book to generosity and all I said didn’t come close to communicating the spirit of generosity, viewing this single act of kindness by a child conveyed.

Harmony y Lindsey at Shelter


The Mental Game – The Inner Game of Bowling

by George Allen

I believe the typical reader will see this as a book about bowling, which no doubt is true.  But I also believe the extraordinary reader will see this as a book about life.  The very last sentence of the book supports my theory.  It says, “And, if you are going to put your fate in someone’s hands, why not make them your own?”

The Mental Game


I am very concerned about those of you who are neglecting your health.  Hey, if you don’t take care of your own health, you will not be able to do anything for anyone and may even become a burden to those who care about you.  So I am permanently adding this section to my weekly posts.  For you men out there, below is the results of a recent study that will help you have a longer life.

Recent studdy


I think the more we are exposed to other cultures, the more we start to understand that we are more alike than we are different.  For instance, please check out this brief advertisement from India.  



Chapter 40 of my book talks about seeing and hearing what is there, rather than what you want to be there.  Perhaps, the quote below may help you see a bit more clearly.

Making Time

And talk about seeing and hearing what you want to hear, I saw on Facebook way too many posts about Mark Zuckerberg giving away money for just posting something on Facebook.  True, Mark Zuckerberg is giving away a lot of money, but for worthy causes and not just for someone who expects money for doing something so trivial as a Facebook post.  So, this is for the naive:



Sexy Window Cleaner

Ladies, I have a hunch I know what you are thinking, but things aren’t always as you wish.


LAST WEEK’S POLL – Your Dreams

    Another Dream Fine

Last year I conducted this same poll and 26 of you voted.  Last years results were that 19 or 73% of you thought achieving your goals were within your own power and 7 or 27% of you thought achieving your goals were either unlikely or  dependent upon forces outside of yourself.

I’m delighted to say that this year 38 of you voted.  The results were that 35 or 92% of you thought achieving your goals were within your own power and 3 or 8% of you thought accomplishing your goals were either unlikely or depended upon forces outside of yourself.


Chapter 10 of my book is devoted to “Optimism”.  Unfortunately, I can appreciate that some of you may be facing circumstances where you have little to be optimistic about.  But for most of us, I feel even if we are facing challenges, we can still be optimistic.  So this week’s poll is on how optimistic you feel about 2016.



Keep on Dancing

If you want to hear some good music and see a fantastic video that goes with that  music, just click on the link below:



I think it is a difficult concept to accept, but it is possible for honest and well intentioned people to be exposed to the same set of circumstances and come up with vastly different views.  

oldyoung fine

Tell us what you first see via the poll


Sigmund Freud


Sigmund Freud was one of the trailblazers of modern-day psychology. As the originator of Psychoanalysis, Freud distinguished himself as an intellectual giant. He pioneered new techniques for understanding human behavior, and his efforts resulted in the most comprehensive theory of personality and psychotherapy ever developed. (Source: Compiled by Himmat Rana, May 1997)


Sigmund Freud was giving one of his famous Clark University lectures. Freud had been describing the latent sexual meaning and significance of dream symbols, when someone asked, “You seem to smoke a lot of cigars, what does *that* symbolize?”

Fraud then issued his famous but apparently unsubstantiated reply.

Cigar fine

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”


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My Final Cover




8 thoughts on “01/04/16 – Seeing and Hearing

  1. The movie and picture drove the point of things not always being what you think. I looked at the picture and only see the young woman, usually I can find both, you stumped me.🤔


  2. Loved the kids giving to the animals….yes they do have great parents!
    The dance video was fun to see the old dances….especially loved Dick Van Dyke, The Monkees and Lost in Space…some of my favorite shows.


    • Carole, thank you very much for commenting. I really appreciate the comments because they help me know if I am providing something people like. Glad to hear you liked the dance video.


  3. Bill, I purchased a copy of your book quite a while ago and put it aside thinking that I would read it on my next trip. This week while traveling I remembered your book but I’d forgotten to bring it. Luckily I saw the availabity of the Kindle version. Since then I have read the book three times. Wow, I regreat that I did now spend the time to read the book when I first purchased it. I will be purchasing four more copies for my granddaughters. I pray that they will us the teachings in the book to guide them thru their life.

    Great job.

    John N


    • John, thank you very much for the wonderful comments. Given that the free doesn’t fall far from the tree, I’m sure your granddaughters will have extraordinary lives like their grandfather. Again, thank you very much.


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