01/18/16 – Sometimes Not Winning is Better Than Winning


Not Winning The P0werball Jackpot

All of us but three, didn’t win the big Powerball jackpot; but, maybe we are the real winners after viewing the picture below.

Winning Powerball


The Ultimate Gift

by Jim Stovall

This is another easy to read, self-help book that I am recommending.  On the cover it says, “What would you be willing to do in order to inherit one billion dollars?

Ultimate Gift


I have consistently expressed my concern for your health and the importance of exercise.  You have to make some time for exercise–no excuses.  It doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise, since you can receive the majority of benefits from exercise by simply walking.

To get you started walking for exercise, you may want to consider using an exercise block like the one below.



In my book under Social Traits, in Chapter 28, I stress the importance of bringing more diversity into your life.  The next time you do something with a group of friends, look around at the people surrounding you.  Are they diverse in various ways.  If not, you are missing out.  

Click on the link below and ask yourself, would you want to miss out on this because you don’t have enough diversity in your life?



What do you value in your life and does the allocation of your time reflect those values?



Exporting Raymond

I recently watched Exporting Raymond and found it a fun picture to watch.  When I decided to watch the film, I had no idea I was going to learn so much about Russia. What could be better, some fun entertainment, plus learning something.


LAST WEEK’S POLL – Powerball


The vast majority of us will either buy one ticket (29%) or between two and five tickets (29%).

And 23% of us don’t plan to even buy at ticket; whereas, 18% of us will buy more than five tickets.

THIS WEEK POLL – Questions About This Blog

Every so often I like to get a reading on the impact if any, that this blog has on you.  I hope you will participate in this week’s poll and I encourage you to comment on what this blog is doing right or what it could do better.

      Question Mark



I want to introduce some variety into the weekly musical selections, so I thought maybe some classical music this week.  When I mentioned classical music, perhaps, some of you had the following in mind?

Throw the Stick

I really hope you give this piece of classical music a brief try.  I think it is nothing short of absolutely amazing.

Canon by Pachelbel




The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is located in West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., southwest of the National Mall. The official address of the monument, 1964 Independence Avenue, S.W., commemorates the year the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law.

Covering four acres and including a statue of King by sculptor Lei Yixin, the memorial opened to the public on August 22, 2011, after more than two decades of planning, fund-raising and construction.

Although this is not the first memorial to an African American in Washington, D.C., King is the first African American honored with a memorial on or near the National Mall and only the fourth non-President to be memorialized in such a way. The King Memorial is administered by the National Park Service (Source: Wikipedia).


Martin Luther King, Jr.


Who else would I select on today!  Plus, we also have some words of wisdom.  If we cannot do something great, at least we can do something in a great way.

Those words of wisdom, remind me of this Roman general; whom the Roman Senate feared was becoming too popular with the common people.  So, the Senate  took him from the battle field and placed him in charge of collecting Rome’s garbage.  The general said, “If the work will not bring honor to me, I will bring honor to the work.”  Needless to say, the general did such a good job cleaning up Rome’s garbage that he became even more popular with the common folk.


Born Yesterday


I always appreciate those that leave comments on my weekly posts, since it encourages me to continue these posts.  This week I am thanking Carol, Rick, Elena, Spiritual Journey, Little Wolf, and Sue for leaving a comment.

Leaving a comment is easy, just click on “Leave A Comment”, which is immediately below the title of this week’s post.  And if instead of seeing “Leave A Comment”, you see “# Comments”, just click on that and scroll down to leave your comment.  I’m delighted that six of you cared enough to leave a comment last week.

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If you have any interest in changing your life for helping someone else change their life, please consider my book.

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My Final Cover




15 thoughts on “01/18/16 – Sometimes Not Winning is Better Than Winning

    • Carolyn, glad to hear you liked Pachelbel’s Cannon. I have a CD of the Cannon, being performed over and over by different artist all doing their own version the Canon. It is called, “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit”. Note, “Greatest Hit” and not “Greatest Hits” 🙂


  1. Awww, I’m an honourable mention! Thank you. Give this one a listen and tell me what you think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUYcB_d1XB4#t=227 It is one of my favourite pieces, probably because we played it when I was in orchestra. Shame I don’t have video or even audio of me playing it. Did I ever tell you I was first violin? P.S. I love your posts as always, I think I’m gonna give that film a go 🙂


    • Elena, the harpsichord is a beautiful instrument and Bach is one of the great composers. Wouldn’t Bach be surprised to look hundreds of years into the future and find people are still listening to his music and of all things, on “youtube”.

      To be first violin, you must have been an excellent violinist.

      I hope you do check out the film. The film is pretty funny and it provided some excellent insights into today’s Russia.

      As always, thank you some much for commenting.


    • Thank you and I’ll keep that in mind for future jokes. Humor is a minefield that I have walked through so many times and every so often I do step on a mine.

      I always appreciate your comments and your advice. Again, thank you.


  2. I love the book – The Ultimate Gift – I make reference to the book often.
    I also like the exercise block – reminds me of a friend that named her dog 5 miles, so when she walked to the mail box with him, she could tell her friends she walked 5 miles.


    • Thank you for commenting. As for the book, not only do you reference it often, but you also have given copies of it to your friends 🙂

      I wonder if that friend of yours with the dog is also the inventor of the “exercise block”?


  3. Thanks for the music…reminds me how much I enjoy classical music but don’t listen to it enough. Then youtube goes on to other pieces…seems like a good day for some culture:)

    It was nice seeing you the other day.

    We saw the MLK monument when we were in DC a couple years ago…it is very impressive…that whole area around that was very cool.


    • Carole, thank you very much for commenting. It is always encouraging to see comments to my posts.

      And I am especially glad to hear someone young appreciates Pachelbel’s Canon. Next Monday I’m going to mention a CD that I really like, it is called “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit”, note “Hit” and not “Hits” It is a CD of the Canon performed over and over by various artists.

      I’ve never seen the MLK Monument. If I make it back to Washington DC one of these days, I’ll have to check it out. I have visited the MLK Memorial in Atlanta.

      I’m planning on doing another “Spring Fling Happy Hour”, so hopefully you folks will be able to make it.

      Thanks again for commenting.


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