05/02/16 – Ken Shelton


Ken Shelton

Ken Shelton passed away last Thursday afternoon.  He was one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet.  I met him in 1981, when I joined BCBS of Michigan, and we soon became the best of friends.

When Ken retired in 2008, I placed this picture behind my office chair so that Ken could look over my shoulder. It was a reminder for me to  administer my area with as much kindness, dedication, and love for the team members as he exhibited daily.

Ken Shelton 

I was never able to match the standard Ken set, but I was better than I would have been otherwise.

My Office


Honor Thy Temple

You can tell yourself that what you wear doesn’t matter, but clothing is a form of communications.  You are telling others who you are.

Wk 19 Clothing choices


The Foundation for Being Extraordinary

One of the best time savers you can use, is to learn to say “No” if you have even the slightest doubt about a request.  Plus, it is easier to change your mind later and say yes, then it is to later say no.  

How many times have you said yes and later regretted having said yes.  Saying “No” allows you to say yes to better causes.

Wk 19 Say no


Getting Along with Others

Wk 19 Therapists you can drink with


Growth Keeps You Extraordinary

How long has it been since you have changed any of your opinions.

How long has it been since you have obtained your knowledge of the world from other sources than the ones you usually turn to?

How long has it been since you have even questioned your deepest beliefs?

Wk 19 Changing your Opinion


The Odds & Ends of Being Extraordinary

Change is inevitable, so when it comes; treat it as an opportunity.

Wk 19 Every day


Charlie Chaplin: The Art of Comedy

by David Robinson

This book came out in 1996 and I first read it in April 2004. I recently reviewed it and found it teaches a lot about film and life, plus contains many interesting photos.  I understand it is still available.

Charlie Chaplin The Art of Comedy


Elvis & Nixon

I wish there was some way I could convince you to see this amusing film about the meeting of two larger than life characters.

Elvis & Nixon film


Wk 18 Prince

Here are the results of the poll on how many times we have seen a live Prince performance:

   60% Never

   20% Never, but wish they had seen a live performance

   20% saw one live performance

THIS WEEK POLL – Nixon & Elvis

Nixon & Elvis foto


Feelin’ Groovy

by Harpers Bizarre


Wk 19 feelin_groovy_


Academy Awards Statue

Most of us have watched the Academy Awards on TV and seen the Academy Awards statues given out.  However, few of us have had the opportunity to see one of these statues up close.

Well, here is your chance to see a close up photo of this famous statue.

Oscar Bill


Ken Shelton

Ken Shelton

If you met Ken, you know exactly why he is extraordinary.


Wk 19 Women Personality


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My Final Cover




11 thoughts on “05/02/16 – Ken Shelton

  1. Cheering music on a dreary day! Time for a joke poking fun at the male of the species. Unfortunately I don’t have one ready. My joke personality is busy elsewhere.


  2. Sorry for the loss of your friend Bill.
    Most of my life I’ve had a problem with saying no and regretting it later…the older I get the easier it gets to “just say no!”.
    About every 10 years I change my opinion about something important….you live, you learn more …it’s all good.
    I’m always “feeling groovy” Bill


    • Thank you Kathy. As you know, from our graduating class; losing good friends become a more and more frequent occurrence. I think we all have a problem saying no, I still find it hard. As for changing opinions; hasn’t the world changed a lot since we graduated. Keep feeling groovy 🙂


  3. You got it Bill, I’m amazed ever single day how the world has changed since high school…some not so good….for me however…life is sooo good. Every day still has its challenge but we keep plugging away..😄


  4. Ken was a great friend of yours. I’m sure you have many good memories. You were a good friend to him too.


  5. I am sorry for your loss, Bill. It’s never nice to lose someone special to us, so I wish you and everyone else Ken has left behind all the best with dealing with this loss.


  6. Hi Bill. Ken was very nice guy. I enjoy working in the department with him. I am sorry to hear of his passing. Andrea


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