6/25/18 – Facebook Court


Facebook Court

[Tribunal de Facebook]

I wonder if Facebook Court will ever end, I can hardly stand it.

[Me pregunto si la corte de Facebook terminará, apenas puedo soportarlo.]

Why Not Try JFK’s Approach

[Por qué no probar el JFK’s Enfoque]


Honor Thy Temple (Honra Tu Templo)

It isn’t easy to eat healthy.

[No es fácil comer sano.]

Someday This Pain Will be Useful – James Orders Salad


The Foundation for Being Extraordinary

(La Fundación para Ser Extraordinario)


Getting Along with Others

(Llevarse Bien con Otros)



Growth Keeps You Extraordinary

(El Crecimiento te Mantiene Extraordinario)


The Odds & Ends of Being Extraordinary

(Las Probabilidades y Los Fines de Ser Extraordinarios)


Learn something about this great writer from a book that is easy to read and has a lot of great pictures.  My kind of book.

[Aprender algo acerca de este gran escritor de un libro que es fácil de leer y tiene un montón de grandes imágenes.  Mi tipo de libro.]

Edgar Allan Poe:

The Strange Man Standing Deep In The Shadows

By Charlotte Montague

Poe is viewed as the ultimate doomed romantic whose last days are shrouded in sordid mystery. His life was a disaster, but his achievements in writing are amazing. He is widely recognized as father of the modern short story, inventor of the detective story and the master of horror.

150 years after his death, Charlotte Montague has written a fascinating account of Poe’s life and times. In the process, she uncovers a strange man, standing deep in the shadows, whose macabre stories and twisted plots changed literature forever. (Source: Goodreads)


I may lose readers, but I am tired of all the hate and a lot of it comes from Hollywood.  I want to be entertained, not indoctrinated.

[Probablemente voy a perder lectores, pero estoy cansado de todo el odio y mucho de lo que viene de Hollywood.  Quiero ser entretenido, no adoctrinado.]

I thought this was fake news, that no way would Peter Fonda say something so horrible.  I checked it out on snopes.com and this is what I found:

Did Peter Fonda Suggest That Barron Trump Should Be Kidnapped?

The actor has apologized for saying Donald Trump’s 12-year-old son should be put in “a cage with pedophiles” as a protest against the president’s immigration policy.

I would accept his apology.  I’ve said some things in my life in anger that don’t really reflect my true feelings and actions.  I believe he is sorry he said that about the President’s child.

[Yo aceptaría sus disculpas. He dicho algunas cosas en mi vida en la ira que no reflejaba realmente mis verdaderos sentimientos. Creo que es triste que haya dicho eso.]


I was going to feature Doin’ The Math by Loudon Wainwright III, whom I saw perform in Ann Arbor a few years back, but it was just too depressing.  So here is something a little more upbeat by a fellow I also saw preform a few years back.

Yo iba a función Doin’ las Matemáticas por Loudon Wainwright III, a quien he visto realizar en Ann Arbor de unos pocos años atrás, pero era demasiado deprimente. Así que aquí hay algo un poco más animado por un compañero también vi la preforma de unos pocos años atrás.


By Jerry Lee Lewis

As in the past, I encourage you to check out some classical music.  Last week, I saw the Detroit Symphony Orchestra perform at Congregation Shaarey Zedek.

[Como en el pasado, le animo a que consulte algunos de música clásica. La semana pasada, he visto la Detroit Symphony Orchestra realice en Congregación Shaarey Zedek.]

LAST WEEK’S POLL – Splitting Up California

Would you like to see California split into three states?
No Opinion or Don’t Care  41.67%  (5 votes)
No  33.33%  (4 votes) 
Yes  25%  (3 votes)Total Votes: 12
Do you think California will end up being three states within the next few years?
No  50%  (6 votes) 
Yes  25%  (3 votes) 
Don’t know or don’t care  25%  (3 votes)
Total Votes: 12

 THIS WEEK’S POLL – Apologies


Set Decorating

[Decoración del Juego]

Decorating a set for a play is another form of art.  I took this photo of the set at Meadow Brook Theater, for their June 3, 2018 performance of Burt & Me.

[Decorar un set para una obra de teatro es otra forma de arte.  Tomé esta foto del plató en el teatro Meadow Brook para el 3 de junio de 2018 de Burt & Me.]



Curious about who is this week’s most interesting person?

Look in the mirror.

It’s You

And here are a few tips by Eric Barker to keep you interesting:

1. First, don’t be boring.

We’re all terrible at realizing when we bore others because, well, we all think we’re just fascinating.  If you’re always to the point and stay upbeat, it’s extremely hard for anyone to accuse you of being poor company. The Art of Civilized Conversation offers another good tip: Is anyone asking you questions about what you’re saying? If not, maybe it’s time to end the story or ask the other person a question.

2. The most captivating people are often good listeners.

Let the other person talk.

3. Talk about the other person’s interests.

Ask people what they’ve been up to or what their hobbies are. Then talk about that.

4. Have three good stories.

Comedians don’t just talk about anything when they’re onstage. They have their act rehearsed. You don’t just trot into a job interview and say whatever’s on your mind. Always have three good stories on hand that reliably entertain, inform, or engage. Drama, gossip, and reality TV are successful for a reason. We all find human behavior fascinating. On the other hand, most people don’t want to hear about the features on your new iPhone.

5. Don’t forget charisma.

It’s not all about the words. When you’re speaking emotionally, the words only account for 7 percent of what get conveyed. Voice tone and body language are far more important.

6. Be somewhere interesting.

Pick someplace stimulating. Research shows excitement from any source is often associated with the person you’re with — even if they’re not the cause of it.

7. And most importantly: Live an interesting life.

The friends you spend time with dramatically affect your behavior — whether you like it or not. The groups you associate with often determine the type of person you become. In The Start-up of You, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha talk about how the best way to improve particular qualities in yourself is to spend time with people who are already like that. The best and most reliable way to appear interesting is to live an interesting life. And to pursue that ends up being far more rewarding than merely making a good impression on others.



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Warning:  This book will not change your life, only you can do that.

My Final Cover

8 thoughts on “6/25/18 – Facebook Court

    • Thank you Tania. I thought this post was a bit more edgy than usual, while still trying to be balanced. A friend of mine had suggested I may get more readers if my posts had a bit more of an edge.


  1. Adults, not just children must be shown the err in their ways and speech. Therefore, I am in favor of forgiving others for a momentary lapse in judgement that affects what they say. Lord knows, I’ve blurred out some offensive shit before. I can only hope that others chose to forgive me…..repeat offenders on the other hand, are a different story. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely post. You made me laugh out loud a couple of times today, Bill 😉 And I love the Buddha quote (not sure if it’s actually from Buddha but the one with the photo of Buddha).

    Am a bit shocked about the quote about Trump’s son… I guess I have been living underneath my stone for too long not to have gotten that news D:


    • Thank you Samantha, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the post. My favorite was that “salad” clip :). As for the news, I suspect you are better off avoiding it. until the last year or so, I subscribed to three papers and some news magazines. I let them all expire. I found the news in its present form a bit depressing. Thanks again for commenting Samantha


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