12/09/19 – Time is Running Out



These “Classic Starts” books are a great way to get young people into reading the classics. I found this book to be an easy and entertaining read.

Classic Starts: The Odyssey

Retold From The Original Homer

Homer’s epic tale of the warrior Odysseus’s decades-long struggle to return home after the Trojan War is simply and beautifully retold, with all the drama intact. Young readers will thrill at Odysseus’s adventures with the man-eating Cyclops; the enchantress Circe, who turns his crew into pigs; and the angry sea god Poseidon. (Source: Amazon)


I really enjoy this Canadian Show that has been running for 13 seasons. The last few years around this time, I make it a point to watch this episode.

Once Upon A Murdock Christmas

At a Christmas charity gala for sick children, the host, dressed as Santa Claus, is found with a broken neck and all the presents are stolen. When witnesses report hearing a wild animal near the scene, Crabtree suspects the legendary creature Krampus.


Listen to this song and you will understand why Elvis is the King.

Here Comes Santa Claus

By Elvis


Rene Magritte Exhibitions

I’ve been a long-time fan of the surrealistic paintings of Rene Magritte. The above photo was when I attended the The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) exhibition in the early 1990s.

A few years ago, another exhibition of his work was put together and I saw it at the Chicago Institute of Art.

I believe Magritte considered himself a philosopher who communicated through paintings. Below are a few examples of his work.



Paladin prefers to settle the difficulties clients bring his way without violence, but this rarely happens. When forced, he excels in fisticuffs. He was a dueling champion of some renown. Paladin is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a veteran of the American Civil War, in which he served as a Union cavalry officer.
His permanent place of residence is the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco, where he lives the life of a successful businessman and bon vivant, wearing elegant custom-made suits, consuming fine wine, playing the piano, and attending the opera and other cultural events. He is an expert chess player, poker player, and swordsman. He is skilled in Chinese martial arts. He is highly educated, able to quote classic literature, philosophy, and case law, and speaks several languages. He is also president of the San Francisco Stock Exchange Club.
When out working, Paladin changes into all-black Western-style clothing. His primary weapon is a custom-made, first-generation .45 caliber Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Model revolver with an unusual rifled barrel, carried in a black leather holster (with a platinum chess knight symbol facing the rear), hanging from a black leather gunbelt. He also carries a lever action Marlin rifle strapped to his saddle, and a Remington derringer concealed under his belt.
Paladin gives out a business card imprinted with “Have Gun Will Travel” and an engraving of a white knight chess piece, which evokes the proverbial white knight and the knight in shining armor. (Source: Wikipedia)






Some people are so quick to sacrifice their health and their wealth for others. They just can’t seem to understand that if you don’t take care of yourself, you will as time goes on not be able to help others and you will likely become a burden to someone else.



Did you know that Thanksgiving was celebrated outside of the USA?

Yes  68.18%  (15 votes) 

No  31.82%  (7 votes) 

Total Votes: 22

Regarding the film “Murder Mystery”

I have not seen it, but I would like to see it  36.84%  (7 votes) 

I’ve seen it and I liked it  31.58%  (6 votes) 

I have not seen it nor do I wish to see it  26.32%  (5 votes) 

I’ve seen it and I did not like it  5.26%  (1 votes) 

Total Votes: 19
Should I continue each year making The Ramones “Mary Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) a song of the week?

No  57.14%  (8 votes) 

Yes  42.86%  (6 votes) 

Total Votes: 14

Did you watch American Bandstand?

Yes  86.96%  (20 votes) 

No  13.04%  (3 votes) 

Total Votes: 23
If you are retired, are you financially and physically independent?

I am financially and physically independent  66.67%  (8 votes) 

I am physically independent but not financially independent  16.67%  (2 votes) 

I am financially independent but not physically independent  8.33%  (1 votes) 

I am neither financially independent nor physically independent  8.33%  (1 votes) 

Total Votes: 12

When I do retire, I expect to be

Financially and physically independent  66.67%  (6 votes) 

Neither financially nor physically independent  22.22%  (2 votes) 

Financially independent, but not physically independent  11.11%  (1 votes) 

Physically independent, but not financially independent  0%  (0 votes) 

Total Votes: 9
When it comes to situations, what do you do?

I may accept the situation as it is or I may look at it like I want it to be  68.75%  (11 votes) 

 Accept the situation as it is  18.75%  (3 votes) 

Try to make the situation into what I want it to be  12.5%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 16


If you have ever been curious about this book, the Kindle version of this book has now been reduced to $1.00 and the paperback version has been reduced to $10.00

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, 

only you can do that.

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