10/11/20 – Recent Archaeological Find


Recent Archaeological Find

I have no idea why we aren’t hearing more about this recent extraordinary archaeological find, so I thought I should at least let the readers of this blog know about this discovery. (Thanks Carmen for bringing this to my attention).



If you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.

Did I get your attention? I really didn’t enjoy watching this film. But like Uncle Tony used to say, “It’s like a lot of medicine, it may not taste good; but it is good for you.

I don’t buy into this whole The Social Dilemma thing, but the film does present things for one to consider. 

The Social Dilemma


Dance of Lurch & Wednesday Addams


Dancing is an art form and here is a form of dance that you may not be ware of and here is a video of three national champions.

Buck Dancing


Boris Karloff

William Henry Pratt (23 November 1887 – 2 February 1969), better known by his stage name Boris Karloff), was an English actor who was primarily known for his roles in horror films. He portrayed Frankenstein’s monster in Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein(1935) and Son of Frankenstein (1939). He also appeared as Imhotep in The Mummy (1932).

For his contribution to film and television, Karloff was awarded two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.






Do we really hear what is being said?

Watch the short film and take the poll




Do you believe the purchase of shampoo explains some of the differences between most men and women?

Yes  62.5%  (15 votes) 

Maybe  25%  (6 votes) 

No  12.5%  (3 votes) 

Total Votes: 24

Regarding the Poirot episode “Cards on the Table”

I have not seen the episode, but would like to see it  50%  (10 votes) 

I have seen the episode and liked it  40%  (8 votes) 

I have not seen the episode, nor do I wish to see it  10%  (2 votes) 

I have seen the episode and did not like it  0%  (0 votes) 

Total Votes: 20
Are you “really” getting enough exercise?

No  50%  (11 votes) 

Maybe  27.27%  (6 votes) 

Yes, for certain  13.64%  (3 votes) 

Yes, I think so  9.09%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 22

Most people will say they love people more than things, but when you observe the actions of people, what does their actions say?

About evenly divided between people and things  50%  (9 votes) 

They love things more than people  38.89%  (7 votes) 

They love people more than things  11.11%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 18
Does worrying that your house isn’t clean prevent you from inviting friends over?

No  57.89%  (11 votes) 

Yes, at times  31.58%  (6 votes) 

Yes  10.53%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 19

Which do you want?

Truth  73.68%  (14 votes) 

Reassurance what I believe in is true  26.32%  (5 votes) 

Total Votes: 19
Are you putting off things you really want to do?

Just a few things  63.16%  (12 votes) 

Yes  26.32%  (5 votes) 

No  10.52%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 19


If you have ever been curious about this book, the Kindle version of this book has now been reduced to $1.00 and the paperback version has been reduced to $10.00

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, 

only you can do that.

My Final Cover

This book can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.

16 thoughts on “10/11/20 – Recent Archaeological Find

  1. I agree with the gist of The Social Dilemma. The movie, the interview of one of the film’s creators on a podcast I heard, and especially a book called Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport have all helped me make up my mind. Also, I know that I THINK I spend, say 30 minutes on a platform, and then I look at the clock, and 90 minutes have gone by. It’s a “just one more click” kind of thing.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you for comment Priscilla. I find the whole social media thing very additive. I’m trying to go on a social media diet, but I need to work harder at it. So far, it seems as bad as trying to lose weight, if not worse.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I love the archeological find!
    And the weeks joke— hilarious.
    Great short film! True.
    Social Media— I agree… I try to stay away from it. It is disturbing how the ‘bots’ seem to know everything about us. AND I do think we (people) are so swayed by what we see in the ‘box’ regardless of whether or not it is actually real.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Boris Karloff?? I’m old enough to have seen some of his movies. I used to love those horror films. They weren’t as scary or bloody as the ones that followed. You always manage to include something I particularly enjoy. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used to watch them when I was young and found those of that time period very scary. I saw them I think late Friday or Saturday evening on a show called “Shock Theater”. As always, thank you for commenting and glad you are still enjoying the weekly post.


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