02/08/21 – Dreams



Everyone should have dreams. However, you really need to make a plan for achieving those dreams, with milestones letting you know if you are or are not on target, so that you can take corrective action. Otherwise, your dreams are merely a wish.


This is an interesting and very easy to read book which will give you a different perspective on your everyday activities.

Zen 24/7

By Philip Toshio Sudo

If you’re searching for revelation and contentment, look no further than a handshake, a cup of coffee — even your laundry pile. The most mundane details of life contain zen’s profound truths, if you’re of the mind to look for them. (Source: Back cover)


If you like or know who Wes Anderson is, you have probably already seen this film. If you are into action films, you want to avoid this film. I’ve seen it a couple of times now.

The Royal Tenenbaums


Dennis Quaid did a fantastic job of protraying Jerry Lee Lewis in the film 

Great Balls of Fire

Dennis Quaid from the Jerry Lee Lewis Film

Now Here Is The Real Deal – Jerry Lee

On The Steve Allen Show in 1957


An ancient olive tree in Puglia, Italy called “The Thinking Tree”


Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson (born October 5, 1958) is an American astrophysicist, planetary scientist, author, and science communicator.

Tyson studied at Harvard University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Columbia University. In 1994, he joined the Hayden Planetarium as a staff scientist and the Princeton faculty as a visiting research scientist and lecturer. In 1996, he became director of the planetarium and oversaw its $210 million reconstruction project, which was completed in 2000.

From 1995 to 2005, Tyson wrote monthly essays in the “Universe” column for Natural History magazine, some of which were later published in his books Death by Black Hole (2007) and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (2017).  

In 2014, he hosted the television series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a successor to Carl Sagan’s 1980 series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences awarded Tyson the Public Welfare Medal in 2015 for his “extraordinary role in exciting the public about the wonders of science”.


I’ve used it before, but I thought it is still pretty funny. I hope you enjoy it.

When Your Resume Says You Speak Seven Languages


Life Changes = Shape Changes





Cats were once considered gods by some.  And I have heard that cats have never forgotten that.  So, perhaps it is worth considering advice from a cat.


End of Polls

None of the polls worked last week. I did some investigating and it seems I need to pay $180.00 a year to continue with the polls. It didn’t see worth doing, since usually only 20 or less people participate in the polls, plus I already pay $99.00 a year to keep ads off of this blog.

My apologies to those of you who did enjoy participating in the polls.


If you have ever been curious about this book, the Kindle version of this book has now been reduced to $1.00 and the paperback version has been reduced to $10.00

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, 

only you can do that.

My Final Cover

This book can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.



18 thoughts on “02/08/21 – Dreams

  1. Happy Sunday. And as always a good read. I looked forward to the polls. I truly didn’t know you have to pay for them. Well, though they will not be a part of your reading lineup, I will enjoy what you have prepared for us. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend and upcoming week.

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  2. I watched both the Dennis Quaid and the Jerry Lee Lewis clips. Wow, Quaid nailed it, and so did the hair/makeup people. This weekend the hubster and I watched The Dig on Netflix. It was truly worth it (but it helps if you know a wee bit about Anglo Saxons).

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