12/12/21 – Raise The Bar Push/Pull Contest at RPG


Raise The Bar

Push / Pull Powerlifting Contest

Dec. 11, 2021

Rochester Performance Gym (RPG)

Located in Rochester, Michigan

I lifted in the 75 to 79 year old & Under 181.7 lbs. class

Here is a video of my final deadlift of the day.

352.5 Lbs.


Below is a book I have read and reviewed often in the last 20+ years and I believe you will find many valuable lessons among its pages.

Do Less, Achieve More

By Chin-Ning Chu

For anyone tired of chasing ever–elusive desires, of doing more only to find that more needs doing, and of making more money only to need more money, Chin–Ning Chu shows you that life was meant to be easy, if you know the secrets. (Source of Description:  Amazon)


A nice little romantic Christmas story.

A Castle for Christmas

A Castle for Christmas is a 2021 American Christmas romantic comedy film. The film was released on November 26, 2021.

The story follows bestselling American author Sophie Brown, who travels to Scotland to escape the scandal of her last book. She visits the ancestral village of her grandfather, who worked as a groundskeeper at the estate of a nearby castle. While there, she ends up falling in love with the castle, Dun Dunbar, but must also face off with the ill-tempered duke who owns it.


Pitch Perfect 2

Winter Wonderland / Here Come Santa Claus

By Snoop Dogg & Anna Kendrick


This is a different kind of art, but still art.

I hope you find the photo of the MGM lion being filmed as interesting as I do.

Photo Source: Alamy

Filming the MGM Studio Emblem in 1928

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (more commonly known by its initialized version MGM) is an American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of feature films and television programs.

It is one of the world’s oldest and most iconic film studios, partly to do with the ‘lion’s roar’ emblem presented before each and every film it’s involved with.

This image is a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of that aforementioned roar! While most movie studios have their own intros, few are as memorable as the classic roaring lion that is so associated with MGM studios.


Michael Nesmith of the Monkees

Robert Michael Nesmith (December 30, 1942 – December 10, 2021) was an American musician, songwriter, actor, producer, and novelist. He was best known as a member of the pop rock band the Monkees and co-star of the TV series The Monkees (1966–1968). His songwriting credits include “Different Drum”, which became a hit for Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.



There are usually a number of people retiring from a lifetime of work around this time of the year. I hope they realize they are not actually retiring from work and that their new job is maintaining or trying to regain their health. That job calls for a serious exercise program, proper diet to manage your weight and rest. Well, most people are pretty good with the rest, it is the other two that is their challenge.

Ignore this advice and there will likely come a day when you will regret it.


I think being your authentic self is one of the hardest things one can strive for with society pressuring you to confirm, but you should still make the effort.


When The Pandemic Is Over

When this is over, you can ask yourself if you were in favor of people losing their livelihood because they had different views about their own health than you had for their health?

Did you avoid friends are family members because of your fear?

When it comes to abortion, did you believe people have a right to control over their own bodies, but when it comes to vaccines, people didn’t have a right of control over their own bodies?

When it comes to abortion, did you believe people do not have a right of control over their own bodies, but do have that right when it comes to vaccines?

Did you do any critical thinking whatsoever, or did you simply believe whatever the media told you regardless if it did or did not make sense?

Were you a good representative of the land of the free and the home of the brave?


If you want to avoid being scammed, remember if it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.



If you have ever been curious about this book, the Kindle version of this book has now been reduced to $1.00 and the paperback version has been reduced to $6.34 with Prime Membership

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, 

only you can do that.

My Final Cover

This book can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.



17 thoughts on “12/12/21 – Raise The Bar Push/Pull Contest at RPG

  1. Congratulations on your weight lifting! I wish I could lift a quarter of the weight you lifted. My husband always says I’m the weakest person he’s ever met when it comes to lifting heavy things.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much Blanca for commenting. You would be surprised to see how strong some of the girls are at the gym I belong to. Some are very lean and I wish I were as strong as they are–well, I’m working on it but still have a ways to go.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘A Castle for Christmas’ loved watching this movie, it was quite a fun one.
    ‘Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are’ this is such a well said line, the way we treat others is a reflection of the person we are.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the lift! Super inspiring. My husband and I recently got rid of a lot of our weight equipment, but we retained the bench and dumbbells. I think we’ll probably use them until the day we can’t anymore.
    With re: to the vaccine and abortion arguments, everyone does have a right to say what happens to their own bodies. My only observation of the difference between these would be unvaccinated people can affect others whereas pregnant people aren’t contagious. So it’s somewhat of a false equivalence. On the other hand, the unvaccinated might be putting themselves in danger more than anyone around them, and if they deem that worth the risk, then folks, if even grudgingly, should let them make that choice.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The cameraman and audio-man look perfectly at ease with that lion just a few feet away from them! Now I’m wondering where the idea came from to include a roaring lion in the opening credits. You’re right: that lion is an iconic symbol for MGM. I’m glad they haven’t changed to something more “modern!” As always, your post is a fun cumulation of topics, Billy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much Nancy for commenting. I thought the photo of the lion, cameraman y audio guy was so intriguing. Later, I have learned that within recent times, MGM replaced the film version of that lion with a computer generated version. I didn’t notice the difference, but philosophically it seems a shame. I believe the lion was named of all things–Leo.


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