07/20/15 – Change, Emmy’s Post, Detroit Free Press, Iran, Caesars, Terminator, Drug Lord, the Skimm, Poll, a Bear & a Short Video


My Final Cover



I’m changing my weekly post by including more current events, in hopes they will be more interesting to you.

Also, I am asking you to submit quotes, movies, self-help books, short film clips you took yourself, current news items or anything else you come across that is entertaining and better yet if it can help a person improve themselves.  You can let me know via comments or send to:




I’m delighted to announce that a new teen boutique is now in Royal Oak on 210 W. Sixth Street, called Emmy’s Post.  I just love the store’s philosophy.  Judy Lewis, one of the store’s owners said, “It has to be positive, and it has to be outward focused.  It can’t just be about making money.  It has to be about helping people.”  I really hope if you are around Royal Oak, you will stop in at this store.  It is really a cool store.  If you told them that you heard about the store from Bill, that would be nice; but not necessary 🙂


If you don’t believe the American Dream still exists, you may want to read this inspiring Detroit Free Press article by Susan Selasky about the National Coney Island restaurants, celebrating 50 years.



I was in the U.S. Army, I lived in Iranian hotels and apartments for well over a year.

Persian Knights

The vast majority of Iranians I met were very nice to me and some went out of their way to help me get along in this very different world.  Of course, I was there during the time of the Shah, so our two countries were not at odds with one another.  It was just people relating to people.

Scan_Pic0001  Scan_Pic0002

I tend to think that maybe it is the governments and the media that gets people to hate one another.  For instance, I believe the average Russian would be reasonably friendly with any Americans they encountered; and wouldn’t most of you be helpful to a Russian tourtist trying to find his way in our city.

I believe the more diversity we have in our lives, the more sensitive we will be to the needs and concerns of people different from ourselves.  I suspect diversity is a pathway to peace both inside and outside our borders.


Surprise, I don’t always read self-help books, but any reasonably well written book can enhance your perspective.  I just finishing reading The Twelve Caesars by Matthew Dennison.  I’m not suggesting you read this book, but I am suggesting you read a book if you are serious about improving yourself.

 The Twelve Caesars


I saw Terminator Genisys in 3D.  Sure, Arnold is older than when he made the first Terminator movie back in 1984; but as he says many times throughout the movie about himself, “Old, but not obsolete”.  

Terminator Genisys

QUOTE FOR THE WEEK (Obtained from the Skimm)

If you want to be extraordinary, you cannot constantly play it safe.  As for advice, I would be less concerned about the quality of the advice giver and more concerned about the quality of the advice.

“In this life, he who risks nothing cannot win”

Source:The son of El Chapo — aka the escaped Mexican drug lord — getting philosophical about his dad’s prison break.

El Chapo

Quote from: http://www.theskimm.com/

The Skimm is a very cool website that gives you the latest news updates Monday through Friday and is very brief.  Check it out and see if you don’t like it as much as I do.



I found this on the internet and I think it was intended as a joke.  But I thought about it and decided that this was a very wise bear because this bear focuses on the similarities among people; rather than their differences. 

Smart Bear



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2 thoughts on “07/20/15 – Change, Emmy’s Post, Detroit Free Press, Iran, Caesars, Terminator, Drug Lord, the Skimm, Poll, a Bear & a Short Video

  1. Morning Bill. I like the variety of the posts and how you inserted your belief in there about diversity. However, I think that almost , if not all, of the post, could have been tied to the drug lord’s son’s quote about Risk. The risk of opening a new business the focuses on a new idea, the celebration of an existing business that took a risk, older person doing dead weight lifting, etc. Sorry I don’t read self-help books as a rule so I have no recommendations for that but I did enjoy this week’s post.


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