08/09/15 – Format, Debates, Dream Cruise, Emmy’s Post, Career Warfare, Holmes & Riki + Jokes


I changed the format this week to add a side bar with an archive of past posts so it will be easier for you to see old posts.  And to make it easier to comment on these posts, I now have a box at the bottom of the post where you can type in a reply.

As always, please send me your jokes, thoughts, movie & book suggestions as well as anything you believe may be interesting and thought provoking for the readers of this blog, to this address:  harmonybooksfilmsllc@comcast.net


Regardless of your political orientation, I think the first night of the 2015 Republican Debates was a good way to learn a little about the people, who want to be the leader of the U.S.A.; besides, it was very entertaining.  Your chance to see the next round of these debates will be September 16.

Early first debate

Prime Time Debate

Source of above photos: Getty Images


The Woodward Dream Cruise is proud to present the fourth annual Cruise In Shoes™ 5K Fun Run/Walk presented by PNC Bank. The run/walk will take place the morning of August 15, 2015, the same day as the 21st annual Woodward Dream Cruise.

The run/walk will begin at 7:30 am on Yorba Linda Blvd, continue with a rare opportunity to run on historic Woodward Avenue, wind through several Royal Oak neighborhood streets and finish at Shrine High School.

Anyone interested in participating in the Cruise In Shoes™ can register online by going to   http://www.cruiseinshoes.com/registration until August 12. Participants can also sign up for the event the day of the run at Royal Oak Shrine High School.


There is a new boutique store in Royal Oak, MI  on 6th street between Main and Washington streets.  It has some fantastic clothes for girls of all ages at very reasonable prices.  If you would like to know more about the store, please clink on the link below to see an article in the Royal Oak Review about the store.


Here are two of my friends, Tania and Lindsey, who are visiting the store.



I just reviewed a book that I read back in 2004 and oh my gosh was it painful to hear all the advice I should have heeded, but didn’t.  If you still have hopes of building a career, I recommend you take a look at this book.  It has so much good advice and is very readable.  Although my corporate career is over; I’m embarking on a new career as an author, speaker and blogger; and this time I’m going to pay closer attention to the advice in this book.

 Career Warfare


Since I am a long time fan of Sherlock Holmes, I had to see the recent movie, “Mr. Holmes”.  I found the story ok, but not up to the Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett productions, but still the acting was amazing.

Mr Holmes

And this story didn’t do much for me; but Meryl Streep was absolutely amazing.



Ways to win an argument with a woman



Only 12 people voted in last week’s poll.  Four of you thought about writing a book and another four of your started writing a book, but never finished.  So 2/3s of us wanted to write a book but didn’t.

Of the remaining four, 1 never wanted to write a book, two wrote and published a book; but the book did not sell over 100 copies.  And congratulations to the one of us who wrote, published and sold more than 100 copies of their book.  Well done. My understanding is that 93% of all books published, sell less than 100 copies so this is an extraordinary accomplishment.




If you work for an organization where it is difficult for you to take a day off from work because you don’t feel well; perhaps, this joke will cheer you up.

Chinese Sick Leave

And if you think you have a bad job; well look below and perhaps you will reconsider.

Worse Job


My Final Cover




2 thoughts on “08/09/15 – Format, Debates, Dream Cruise, Emmy’s Post, Career Warfare, Holmes & Riki + Jokes

  1. lol, That joke about calling in sick. Yikes!

    Also, loved the poll. Good and thoughtful question, though I was torn on what to answer. You never know how a friend will react.
    I will have to check out that Meryl Streep movie. Sometimes I just want to watch an out of the ordinary movie.


    • Lyssa, thank you very much for commenting. I too don’t know what to think about that joke; other than it is a caution about giving advice 🙂

      The poll reflects my own indecision when it comes to this situation. At the moment, it seems the vast majority of people believe in just hinting gently and being there to pick up the peaces. That certainly seems a safe approach, although, I am not sure it is in the best interests of the friend who is making a mistake.

      As for the Meryl Streep movie, her performance was in my view amazing; but the story line I thought was a bit ordinary.

      Again, thank you Lyssa for commenting and I am anxious to read a few of your stories.


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