06/06/16 – Ireland



This week’s post is coming to you from Ireland.  Here I am at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, having a pint of Guinness.

At Guiness


Honor Thy Temple

Wk 24 anxiety drugs and antidepressants


The Foundation for Being Extraordinary

A parent fails to watch their child at a zoo and preventing her 3-year old from crawling into a gorilla exhibit and the Cincinnati Zoo fails to create a barrier that can prevent a 3-year old from getting into that exhibit.  

Extraordinary people are responsible, be responsible.

Wk 24 Gorilla


Getting Along with Others

I thought it was wonderful that Elena and Steve, went out of their way to find some time to meet with Carol and I, while we were in Dublin.

Elena y Steve

Find Time


Growth Keeps You Extraordinary

Plato, in his “Republic”; recommended his “philosopher kings”, do nothing but study math for ten years to improve their thinking.  Most of us don’t want to be “philosopher kings”, especially if we have to study math for ten years.  However, that does not excuse you from developing some math skills.

Wk 24 Count to ten


The Odds & Ends of Being Extraordinary

Wk 24 Do something tu have never done


Rules for Aging

By Roger Rosenblatt

Wk 24 Rules for Aging

I first read this book 15 years ago and I continue to review it every so often.  It has a lot of good and easy to digest advice, regardless of your age.


 King Kong

Wk 24 King Kong 1933

Given what happened at the Cincinnati Zoo last week, I thought I would select the 1933 version of King Kong for this week’s film.  I saw it years ago when I was very young and the last time I saw it about ten years ago on a big screen.  You may want to keep it in mind for your Halloween viewing.


Wk 23 War Peace

How close to home has war touched you poll results:

28% – I was never in my country’s armed forces

24% – A member of my immediate family (Spouse, parent, sibling or child) served in a hostile fire zone

20% – No member of my immediate family (Spouse, parent, sibling or child) served in my country’s armed forces

16% – A member of my immediate family (Spouse, parent, sibling or child) was in the military, but never served in a hostile fire zone

4% – I served in a hostile fire zone 

4% – I was in the military, but never served in a hostile fire zone

4% I or a member of my immediate family was injured in a hostile fire zone

0% – A member of my immediate family died in a hostile fire zone


Wk 24 Boxing

For the first poll, please check all that applies

Check just one for the poll below


“The Skye Boat Song”

(AKA Outlander Theme Song)

by Kathryn Jones & Raya Yarbrough


Spire of Dublin

Wk 24 Dublin Needle

The spire was designed by Ian Ritchie Architects, who sought an “Elegant and dynamic simplicity bridging art and technology”

The first section was installed on 18 December 2002. Five more 20 m (66 ft) sections were added with the last one installed on 21 January 2003. The spire is an elongated cone of diameter 3 m (9.8 ft) at the base, narrowing to 15 cm (5.9 in) at the top.

Construction of the world’s tallest sculpture was delayed because of difficulty in obtaining planning permission and environmental regulations. It is constructed from eight hollow tubes of stainless steel and features a tuned mass damper, designed by engineers Arup, to counteract sway. The steel underwent shot peening to alter the quality of light reflected from it.

The pattern around the base of the Spire is based on a core sample of earth and rock formation taken from the ground where the spire stands. The pattern was applied by bead blasting the steel through rubber stencil masks whose patterns were created by water jet cutting based on core sample drawings supplied by the contractor.(Source:  Wikipedia)

me y needle


Muhammad Ali

Wk 24 Muhammad Ali


I learned this joke last week in Dublin.

What is the difference between God and Bono?

God doesn’t think he is Bono.


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6 thoughts on “06/06/16 – Ireland

  1. My dear friend Bill, it was wonderful seeing both you and your lovely wife here in Dublin! Steve and I had a great time with the two of you. And one more time- thank you for the book, that was a really nice touch 🙂


  2. Just seeing you with a Guinness gets me all excited (did you pour it yourself and get the certificate? Not that I did… Of course I did! :D) I LOVE Ireland, especially Dublin! I hope you’re having a great time there!

    Apart from that old Irish Bono-joke (don’t they all tell that one? ;)), did you learn some of the “lovely” nicknames for The Spire as well? Also, have you done the Viking Splash Tour? It’s especially great if you have kids with you, but also you get to see the city both by land AND water (and it’s just hilarious altogether).
    I’m not sure how long you’re staying, but if you’re looking for a nice place to eat, try The Church (if you haven’t already). Great food in a rebuilt church-restaurant, great ambience and, as always, great drinks 😉

    Again, have an amazing time, Bill! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samantha thanks for commenting, especially so soon after your Canadian trip.

      Strange as it may sound, I enjoyed the Smithwick’s Brewery tour in Kilkenny more, even tho it was a much smaller deal, but very person, very clever and very well done. You see the photo in next Monday’s post. However, neither brewery was letting any of us pour our own pints.

      We are headed back to Dublin for one more day and hopefully the Jameson tour

      Thanks again Samantha for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jameson is interesting, too. Provided you get a good guide 😉 And someone who won’t try to snatch your free sample of whiskey away…


      • Samantha, we did the Jameson tour today and although not a whiskey drinker; really enjoyed the tour. Our guide was entertaining and they gave us an opportunity for a taste test. Jameson was the best in my opinion. Johnny Walker Black Label for me came in second. And although Tennessee is my favorite state, Jack Daniels was pretty rough to drink; although I do like their Tennessee Honey 🙂 In addition to the taste test they gave us a good sized mixed drink 🙂


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