04/15/19 – Results of AAPF National Championships


I lifted in the raw bench press and raw deadlift, 181.7 to 198 lbs. category, aged 70 to 74.

In my age/weight category, I took first place in both the raw bench press and raw deadlift. In the deadlift, I set a new AAPF age/weight national record of 363.7 lbs.


The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader

By John C. Maxwell

This book is a bit old, it came out in 1999 and although the title indicates it is about leadership; in a sense all of us are leaders in one way or another, even if we don’t bear the official title indicating we are a leader.

What struck me was the part of the book’s description that reads, “John C. Maxwell provides a concise, accessible leadership book that helps readers become more effective leaders from the inside out.” Who doesn’t need to work of their insides or to gain a deeper understanding of humans.

I first read this book long ago and have recently taken a second look at it and found insights such as, “It’s hard for a person to be generous when [they] are not satisfied with what [they have]. And if you’re not generous with little, you won’t suddenly change if you become wealthy.”


I thought this ad was better than the movies I watched this week.

Step Jamie – Progressive Insurance Ad


I certainly didn’t work as hard getting ready for the AAPF National Powerlifting competition as Rocky did getting ready for his fight, but since November I have worked harder at the gym than I ever have to get ready for the AAPF Nationals.

Rocky Theme Song


I’d say this tree is a bit of an artist.



Bust of Pericles Marble, Roman copy after a Greek original from c. 430 BC, Museo Pio-Clementino, Vatican Museums,

Pericles (495 – 429 BC) was a prominent and influential Greek statesman, orator and general of Athens during its golden age. Pericles led his countrymen during the first two years of the Peloponnesian War. The period during which he led Athens, roughly from 461 to 429 BC, is sometimes known as the “Age of Pericles”.

Pericles promoted the arts and literature; it is principally through his efforts that Athens acquired the reputation of being the educational and cultural center of the ancient Greek world.

He started an ambitious project that generated most of the surviving structures on the Acropolis (including the Parthenon). This project beautified and protected the city, exhibited its glory, and gave work to the people.

Bill & Carol at the Acropolis

Pericles also fostered Athenian democracy. He, along with several members of his family, succumbed to the Plague of Athens in 429 BC, which weakened the city-state during a protracted conflict with Sparta. (Source: Wikipedia)


This answers the question.


Other than some terrible accident or birth defect, I don’t understand why anyone would want to change the interesting features that nature provides and are often the thing that makes you both interesting and unique.


It was the great Athenian leader, Pericles, who said that there was nothing wrong with poverty. It could be caused by so many things—a business failure, the sudden loss of a family’s breadwinner, theft, even just plain old back luck. Like the Stoics, he knew that Fortune could swoop in, and, in the blink of an eye, undo years of hard work and careful planning.

But Pericles would not have said, as religious leaders and populist demagogues have tried to argue for thousands of years, that there was anything special or holy about poverty. While it wasn’t necessarily someone’s fault they were poor, and so they shouldn’t be judged for it, Pericles said, there was “real shame…in not taking steps to escape it.” (Source: Daily Stoic)





Regarding the movie “IL Postino”:

I haven’t seen it, but I want to see it  38.46%  (5 votes) 

I haven’t seen it and I don’t wish to see it  38.46%  (5 votes) 

I have seen it and I liked it  23.08%  (3 votes) 

I have seen it and I did not like it  0%  (0 votes) 

Total Votes: 13

Is the man in the picture sitting inside the house or outside the house?

Outside  42.86%  (6 votes) 

Depends upon your perspective  35.71%  (5 votes) 

Inside  21.43%  (3 votes)  

If you voted either inside or outside, you may want to look at the picture again and try to see why someone would vote opposite of you.

Total Votes: 14
Do you ever wonder why you are here?

Yes  73.33%  (11 votes) 

No  26.67%  (4 votes) 

Total Votes: 15

Do you know why you are here?

No  66.67%  (10 votes) 

Yes  33.33%  (5 votes) 

Total Votes: 15
Do you believe losing weight and getting into shape is or can be easy?

No  66.67%  (10 votes) 

Yes  20%  (3 votes) 

Maybe  13.33%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 15

Do you believe in 20 years you will be more disappointed about what you did not do, then what you did?

No  53.85%  (7 votes) 

Yes  46.15%  (6 votes) 

Total Votes: 13
Are you going to try harder to withhold judgement about people, until you get to know them a bit better?

Yes  71.43%  (10 votes)  

No  14.29%  (2 votes) 

Maybe  14.28%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 14

Are you storing things you have not used in over five years?

Yes  86.67%  (13 votes) 

No  13.33%  (2 votes) 

Total Votes: 15
Which of the following age milestones do you expect to make?

85  28.57%  (4 votes) 

90  21.43%  (3 votes) 

100  21.43%  (3 votes) 

75  14.29%  (2 votes) 

80  7.14%  (1 votes) 

95  7.14%  (1 votes) 

Total Votes: 14


If you have ever been curious about this book, the Kindle version of this book has now been reduced to $1.00 and the paperback version has been reduced to $10.00

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, 

only you can do that.

19 thoughts on “04/15/19 – Results of AAPF National Championships

  1. Congratulations on your new national record! Your accomplishments are very impressive.

    Also, the picture of the tree was fascinating and beautiful. The progressive ad made me laugh. You always find the best things.

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