01/24/21 – Bathtub Test



Generally, I like short and easy to read books, but once in a while a book comes along with so much to say that it is worth the effort.

This is “not” an easy read (about 500 pages).  But if you want to know something about humans, this book will take you on an unforgettable journey from pre-human times to the French Revolution.

The Origins of Political Order

From Prehuman Times To The French Revolution

By Francis Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama, provides a sweeping account of how today’s basic political institutions developed. The Origins of Political Order begins with politics among our primate ancestors and follows the story through the emergence of tribal societies, the growth of the first modern state in China, the beginning of the rule of law in India and the Middle East, and the development of political accountability in Europe up until the eve of the French Revolution.

Drawing on a vast body of knowledge―history, evolutionary biology, archaeology, and economics―Fukuyama has produced a brilliant, provocative work that offers fresh insights on the origins of democratic societies and raises essential questions about the nature of politics and its discontents (Source: Amazon)


If you are feeling a little depressed (there are so many reasons to feel depressed today), this film might just give you an appreciation of just how wonderful life is.


It’s worth watching the movie just to see this dance scene.

Now, you don’t have to watch the movie, unless you want to watch it.


I came across this video and thought it was cool. I hope you do too.

Electro Swing Dance Freestyle: Lone Digger, Caravan Palace


Statutes of Rome

Folks, here are some statutes of Rome:

Here is Carol pointing out Fontana del Tritone in Piazza Barberini in Rome

No visit to Rome is complete with out seeing Trevi Fountain and its statutes

Michelangelo’s Moses is another must see statute

My favorite statute in Rome is the famous Billino Statute


I recall seeing part of a clip where someone asked Larry King, what would be the first question he would ask God, if he got a chance to interview God.

Larry king replied, “I would ask him if he had a son.”

Larry King

Larry King (born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger; November 19, 1933 – January 23, 2021) was an American television host, radio host, and paid spokesman, whose work was recognized with awards including two Peabodys, an Emmy award, and 10 Cable ACE Awards. (Source: Wikipedia)


I hope this makes up for me recommending such a challenging read this week under “Book of the Week”.


American Powerlifting Federation

Michigan, USA

The Michigan APF State Meet will be Saturday (3/13/21) & Sunday (3/14/21)

in Rochester Hills, MI

If you live in S.E. Michigan, this is a good chance to see a powerlifting meet.


Here is some good advice that I borrowed from David Miller’s FaceBook stream




In the last thee months, we have had a deer come and visit our suburban back yard. We have lived here for a number of decades and this is so unusual, given that all the yards in our neighborhood are fenced. 


How many of the five rules of a happier life do you plan to follow during 2021
All five  70%  (14 votes) 
Four out of the five  15%  (3 votes) 
Three out of the five  5%  (1 votes) 
Two out of the five  5%  (1 votes) 
One out of the five  5%  (1 votes)  
None of them  0%  (0 votes
Total Votes: 20
Are you currently preparing for your later years (1) physically, (2) financially and (3) socially?
All 3  52.63%  (10 votes) 
2 out of 3  26.32%  (5 votes) 
1 out of 3  21.05%  (4 votes)  
0 out of 3  0%  (0 votes)
Total Votes: 19
Do you jump to conclusions?
Sometimes  80%  (12 votes)  
No  13.33%  (2 votes) 
Yes  6.67%  (1 votes) 
Total Votes: 15
Are you investing enough in yourself?
I could invest more in myself  58.82%  (10 votes) 
Yes  29.41%  (5 votes)  
No  11.76%  (2 votes) 
Total Votes: 17


If you have ever been curious about this book, the Kindle version of this book has now been reduced to $1.00 and the paperback version has been reduced to $10.00

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, 

only you can do that.

My Final Cover

This book can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.



21 thoughts on “01/24/21 – Bathtub Test

  1. The classics meme was hilarious, especially Moby Dick (one of my fave books)! I think big, dense books like The Origins of Political Order are okay if you take your time to read slowly and digest it. (I’m STILL reading Successful Aging by Levitin; it’s a huge, science-y book about our aging brains.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Priscilla for commenting and for mentioning the Successful Aging book. It is a topic I’m always curious about successful aging. I just wish it wasn’t so long, over 500 pages. At my age, I’m not sure I have another long book in me to read, but thank you for mentioning the book.

      Liked by 2 people

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