05/21/23 – Late Because of Traffic

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Late Because of Traffic


I found this to be an absolutely fascinating book.

A World Lit Only By Fire

By William Manchester

A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance: Portrait of an Age is an informal history of the European Middle Ages by American historian William Manchester.

Published in 1992, the book is divided into three sections: “The Medieval Mind”, “The Shattering”, and “One Man Alone”.

In the book, Manchester scathingly posits, as the title suggests, that the Middle Ages were ten centuries of technological stagnation, short-sightedness, bloodshed, feudalism, and an oppressive Church wedged between the golden ages of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. (Source: Wikipedia)


I found this to be a very enjoyable film.

Air is a 2023 American biographical sports drama film directed by Ben Affleck and written by Alex Convery. The film is based on true events about the origin of Air Jordan, a basketball shoeline, of which a Nike employee seeks to strike a business deal with rookie player Michael Jordan.

It stars Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Chris Messina, Chris Tucker and Viola Davis.

Film Background

Although not directly involved with the film, Jordan met with Affleck prior to the beginning of production and gave the project his blessing, asking for four changes to the script.

Jordan asked for the inclusion of George Raveling, his assistant coach on the 1984 United States men’s Olympic basketball team, who was the first to recommend that he should sign with Nike.

Jordan also asked that Howard White, vice president of Nike’s Jordan Brand and his personal friend, be included in the film. This directly led to Affleck casting Tucker, with whom he had long wanted to work and whom Jordan knew.

He also asked for the removal of Tinker Hatfield as a character, as Hatfield, despite working at Nike at the time, was not involved with the creation of the Air Jordan.

Finally, Jordan asked the roles of his parents, James R. Jordan Sr. and Deloris Jordan, to be extended, and the casting of Davis to play his mother, who was instrumental in making up his mind about meeting and signing a deal with Nike.

Affleck and Damon did an uncredited script revision to accommodate Jordan’s asks.


Superman (2011)

By Snoop Dogg featuring Willie Nelson



Martha Stewart

Globally renowned businesswoman Martha Stewart made Sports Illustrated Swimsuit history Monday, as the 81-year-old was revealed as the oldest cover model in the publication’s history.

Stewart rose to fame in the 1980s when she began writing cookbooks after her success as a chef. Since those first cookbooks, Stewart is now the best-selling author to 99 books over the course of her career. She launched her magazine, Martha Stewart Living, in 1990.



Losing weight and keeping it off is one of the hardest things I know of to accomplish. And yet being over-weight is believed to be related to heart attacks, need for joint replacements, increased likelihood of harm from diseases, and a number of other things you do not wish to experience.

There are many approaches to losing weight, but usually you will tire of the approach, and regain the weight you initially lost, if not gain even more weight than when you started.

This approach by Adam Thrall is rather simple and just may work.

The video is a bit long, but if you are struggling to lose weight, I think you will find it a good investment of your time.

Five Tips for Losing Weight

By Adam Thrall




Something to Think About



Environmental Animals


I’m Tired of Being Ordinary,

Are You?

My Final Cover

The Kindle version of this book is free, and the paperback version is $10

However, I must warn you that this book will not change your life, only you can do that.

This book can be ordered from Amazon


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    • Yes, and I believe there are so many more that could easily appear on that cover. Plus, still more if they would refuse to accept the image society pushes on older people, especially the ladies. Thank you very much Vera for commenting.

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    • Thank you for commenting Blanca. Yes, the movie was very well done. I don’t know if it was true or not, but I liked the sorry in the movie about the source of the Nike slogan: Just do it.

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