01/08/23 – Be Sure to Watch the Sky Tonight


Be Sure to Watch the Sky Tonight


The book below is an extremely challenging read; plus you should be skeptical as you read it. Still, the book is a good way to be exposed to art, science and other issues.  It could cause you to think about some of your most cherished beliefs and open up your mind to various possibilities.  Again, this is an extremely challenging read, but it is an interesting read.

Art & Physics

By Leonard Shlain


I’m still watching Hallmark movies and I find them pretty good. I particularly enjoyed this one.

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating (Hallmark)

Simon believes Chloe is the girl of his dreams but can’t seem to win over her beloved pup. He enlists dog trainer, Alex, and soon finds himself wondering where his real connection might be. (Source: IMDB)


It’s difficult to match those 50s recording star for shear energy and excitement.

By Little Richard


I realize Christmas is over.

Nevertheless, I thought this would be helpful for those of you who wish to not only draw a reindeer, but any other animal.


Gretchen Valade

Source: WXYZ


Detroit Free Press
12 22 68

Metro Detroit businesswoman, philanthropist and arts patron Gretchen Carhartt Valade died at 97 on Dec. 30 at her Grosse Pointe Farms home.

Granddaughter of Carhartt, Inc. founder Hamilton Carhartt, Valade served as chairman emeritus for the workwear company, still family-owned in the Detroit region after 134 years.

She was also known among the regional arts community and beyond as “the angel of jazz” for her long-lasting contributions to Detroit’s arts and culture scene as well as the global jazz community. At age 74, she founded the Mack Avenue Records jazz label, which subsequently earned 11 Grammy Awards and more than 50 nominations. At age 82, she opened the Dirty Dog Jazz Café, an award-winning jazz and dinner club in Grosse Pointe Farms. (Source: Detroit Free Press)



Too bad it doesn’t work that way. Be consistent in improving your diet and exercising more and you will see improvements over time.



Don’t let not being able to find your glasses,

stop you from enjoying a game of cards with your friends.




Coming Out in 2023

Management Tips + Jokes

From the Neighborhood

By Uncle Tony as told to Wm. Allen

Here is a bit of the book’s forward:

It is quality rather than quantity that matters.”

Source: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

This little book suggests some practical leadership advice from a guy who always kept a low profile—Uncle Tony. He is not a CEO or famous management guru. He doesn’t claim to know the leadership secrets of famous people from the past.

Uncle Tony didn’t have much formal education, but he had a lot of common sense and knew how to deal with people. I never knew what Uncle Tony did for a living, since he never talked about his work. I just thought he was some sort of repairman, since people were always asking him to fix this or that. I found it surprising that a simple repairman like Uncle Tony knew so many people in high places.



15 thoughts on “01/08/23 – Be Sure to Watch the Sky Tonight

    • I can certainly appreciate the challenge of getting through this book. I think is was too generous saying, “this is not an easy read.” I’m going to change my comment and I appreciate you mentioning what a challenge you found the book. I also tried to warn people to be skeptical as they read the book. I actually met Leonard Shlain at the book store where I bought the book and he was kind enough to sign the book for me. I book caught my attention because of the Magritte painting on the cover and I am very much a fan of Rene Magritte. Thank you for your comment.


  1. I’ve been thinking about “you are what you do/say” lately. Might it really be “you are what you think”? Because if there’s only one cup of coffee left, and you want it, and you smile and say, “You take it, dear,” to your spouse (hoping he or she will decline), that’s different than thinking you want your spouse to be the happiest possible and saying, “You take it, dear,” and being thrilled to sacrifice your coffee desire when he or she thanks you and takes the last cup.
    That notion is in the Bible somewhere, but I don’t know where… (hang on)… found it: Proverbs 23.7

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    • I can appreciate what you are saying about “you are what you think”. However, for those like myself who aren’t exactly pure of heart, I would be quickly condemned if judged by my thoughts. I have sometimes had to struggle against my thoughts and try to do the right thing. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I wake up in the morning grateful I have received another chance. (smile)

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  2. Hello to you. Once again a generous read.
    You will, no doubt, discover this for yourself. However, your book’s forward perhaps is meant to read – This little book suggests, rather than the word ‘suggestions’… A simple edit.

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